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Hatching an Egg

Below is a comprehensive outline of the development of this piece from inception to execution. The beauty is in the process.

This project is for an undisclosed artist, who will take this piece and hand finish it on their own accord.

The egg being created and the process is drawn out in the 3D program

The slab of stone the egg will be carved from

A timelapse of the block of stone being milled down.

A side by side comparison of the process of milling in the program vs. the IRL model

Chipping away at the excess material to allow the robot to continue to mill out the egg shape.

Progress photo, you can see that the material is beginning to get smoothed out.

The general composition is complete, now to detach the base.

The final product, a 350 lb egg cut and perfectly balanced on a 1" diameter x 1/4" thick disk of stone

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