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Architectural Design and Engineering:

  • Architectural design development

  • Shop drawing, engineering, 3d modeling and rendering

  • Value engineering

  • Project management and site supervision

  • Collaboration with artists working in the medium of stone

Expertise in the procurement, fabrication and installation of facades, interiors, exterior projects:

  • Architectural stone consulting

  • Worldwide stone procurement services

  • Monumental stone facades including classical and modern design

  • ­Stone carving and sculpting services – robotic and hand finishing

  • Stone rain screens and lightweight stone panels

  • Historical and landmarked restoration services

  • Glass tiles and mosaic tiles

  • Stone furniture and functional design elements

  • Stone staircases, including cubic self-supporting stairs (posttensioned) and cladded stairs (cantilevered)

  • Stone handling, storage, crating, and shipping services

  • Hardscape and site work

  • Indoor/outdoor pools including: tiles, copings, knife edge, stone and glass mosaics and spillways 

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