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Since 1983, Precision Stone Inc. has been ranked among the leading fabricators and installers of custom stone works for the Architectural Design community. Our longstanding relationships with the world's most prestigious stone quarries, coupled with the unparalleled skill of our artisans, and enhanced by state-of-the-art technology, synthesize to create flawless workmanship of unsurpassed quality.  Using the latest high-end modeling software, we virtually render each facet of an installation three-dimensionally which allows our clients to fully imagine and approve their completed project before the first piece of stone is even cut. At Precision Stone, each member of our skillful and accomplished staff is specially trained to seamlessly orchestrate and execute the complete transformation of conventional spaces and turn them into beautifully bespoke surroundings.​

North American Sculpture Center

Precision Stone X The Stonemasonry Company 

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