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Colorado Stone Quarries: Exploring Marble

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

During Precision Stone’s 40 years we have established incredible relationships with quarries and manufacturers worldwide. These relationships go beyond just business as they have become real friendships steeped in mutual respect and admiration. Our ongoing commitment in educating our staff and their customers is tantamount to our success for the last 40 years. With that in mind we are constantly providing these opportunities to our people to explore and learn and advance the cause of the use of natural stone as a critical building material.

This summer our marketing coordinator, Christine, had the privilege of exploring the Colorado Stone Quarries. New to Precision Stone, the visit was not only educational but also an immersive experience that deepened her appreciation for the world of marble. Guided by friends of Precision Stone, Guiseppe Telara and Stefano Mazzucchelli, the journey took her through both industrial and natural settings leaving her with unforgettable memories.

Christine’s expedition began in the morning and first met Guiseppe, the General Manager, in Delta, CO at the 140,000 square-foot facility. Guiseppe has been in the marble industry for over thirty years, and possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge about every facet of the business.

The state-of-the-art factory officially opened its doors in 2021, and extends over 40 acres of land. Here, skilled workers utilize the finest Italian machinery and technology to process about 300 slabs and 4500 tiles a day. Christine said the block cutter was the most captivating piece of equipment to see in-person, with multiple vertical diamond discs cutting one block at a time.

Guiseppe taught Christine about their specialty Soundstone machine. The machine completely impregnates slabs of stone with their patented Potassium Silicate solution. The drying, impregnating, and curing process significantly improves the mechanical strength of the material and drastically reduces the porosity. There's only a handful of these machines in the world, and CSQ was very proud to be able to give their customers the highest quality stone.

Visitors and residents of the Delta community can take home scraps of marble

Christine's enthusiasm reached new heights as she delved deeper into the world of marble (literally, deeper into the mountain!) Following a scenic drive through Colorado, she arrived at the base of “Treasure Mountain '' in Marble, CO where she met Quarry Master Stefano Mazzucehlli. Stefano, hailing from a family also deeply entrenched in the marble industry, warmly greeted her and her guests before driving them up into the “galleries” of the quarry.

Safety is critically important at CSQ, so before embarking on the tour the group received a brief yet crucial safety training session. The professionals explained the intricate sensor wires that are strategically placed across the gallery ceilings. These sensors play a vital role as they are constantly monitoring and transmitting data to Italy, ensuring any abnormal movement within the mountain is detected promptly. These precautions make them one of the safest quarries in the world.

“Portal Due'' is where marble for historic works like the Lincoln Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Denver Capital building was extracted a hundred years ago

The sensor wires run across the ceiling picking up geological movement

The quarry manager Brock also joined the group and shared the fascinating history of the quarry. He explained how the mountain closed during World War II, until R.E.D. Graniti group acquired operations in 2011. Since then the team has opened four new galleries and discovered two new sections that offer different veinings and patterns. Among these exciting discoveries are marbles like, “Calacatta Lincoln'' and “Crazy Horse,” which are two of the six products that the quarry produces. Christine was completely mesmerized by the sheer magnitude and scope of the quarry.

"Crazy Horse," the newest marble discovered in the Hamilton gallery

Observing the operations within the quarry, Christine was very impressed by the seamless collaboration between the workers and their mechanical counterparts. The skilled individuals gracefully and carefully extract thousands of pounds of marble each day. All of the machinery used is heavy duty construction equipment from Volvo. The workers are trained not only in the operation of the machinery but also about the patterns, quality, and aesthetics desired for their discerning customers. The quarry processes a monthly average of 50 high quality blocks, totaling around 1000 tons of marble.

The Franklin portal, an open-pit section only operational during the warmer months, where Calacatta Gold is extracted

An excavator transports material to a collection ready to be driven down the mountain

Christine’s experience is a testament to Precision Stone’s enduring relationships with leaders of the marble industry. It was a pleasure to witness the professionals working in their literal element, and she feels very fortunate to have made these connections that will undoubtedly continue to flourish.

Stefano and Christine

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